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from Essencia,
                                               their absolute best still yet.
The dual element rocket!

( It's like it was on steroids )

Super Express Still 27L 3000W - $725 
Gets a 25 litre wash up to temperature in 45 minutes. 
Produces distillate at a rate of over 3 litres per hour! This still not only produces distillate staggeringly fast, it can also produce it at well over 90% ABV.

Processing a 25 litre wash only takes around 2 1/4 hours from switch on to switch off!

On after dinner. Off before bed. Into the Filter, - DONE !!!

Turbo 500 - $690.00 Produces 92 -93 % purity. Stops distilling when alcohol is exhausted. Features: a faucet adapter for ease of water flow adjustment, a 25 litre boiler with 2kw integrated element, a thermal cut-out fuse and a waste discharge tap  

ESSENCIA EXPRESS 25Litre Still - $660.00  This still represents the next generation in home distillation equipment, producing distillate at a rate of over 2 litres per hour @ 90%ABV.    ( I have one of these for my own use, I guess that has to be the best recommendation I can give it ).

EURO 30 Still - $660.00 Two elements get the wash up to distilling temperature quickly and a 600mm reflux tower gives you approx 3litres of spirit @ 92% - 93% ABV. For the more experienced distiller who appreciates 'fine' spirit.

 25 litre Stainless Steel Pot Still - $379.20 Producing spirit at around 50 - 55% ABV , this still is ideal for those wanting to make Essential Oils or liqueurs
 Still Spirits Turbo Air Still - $295 Great for when space is at a premium, e.g. campers, motorhomes, etc. Air cooled so it uses no water for cooling - ideal for times when water shortages are a problem.  Distillation takes just two hours and produces enough alcohol to make a 1 litre bottle. Match it with the Air Still Companion Pack ($79.90)and you have all the equipment you need to make your own spirits 'on the run'

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Home Distilling Starter Kits
Here you will find all the equipment you need to begin distilling your own spirits. 
These distilling kits are designed to start you out on your home distilling adventure, what an ideal way to begin.
Come into the shop and check them out.

Save almost

with the
Distilling Starter Pack
              Fermenter                                             $ 45.00
Essencia Express still                           $675.00 
Essencia Carbon Filter                           $180.00
Wash Hydrometer                                  $ 15.00  
Alcometer, short                                     $ 18.50 
Alcometer, long                                      $  22.00
Stirring Paddle                                        $   7.90
5 litre Glass Jar x 2 @ $18.50                  $ 37.00 
Essencia Heater Pad                               $ 59.90
Super 6 yeast x 2 @ $7.50                       $ 15.00
Super Clear x 2 @ $5.20                          $  10.40
Bourbon Chunks 500gm                           $  29.90                                     Essencia Spirits Flavours x 3 @ $10.50     $  31.50                                   Essencia Liqueur Flavours x 2 @ $8.50     $  17.00
Essencia Liqueur Base 1 litre                   $  11.90
Anti Foam                                               $   7.10
Citric Acid                                               $   3.40
Steriliser/Cleaner                                      $  8.90

       TOTAL VALUE    =   $1195.40 

( Also available with the essencia Super Express Still $995.00, saving almost$300.00 )

EURO 30 Still
Recommended Retail Prices
Still                                                                     $666.00 
Fermenter                                                            $ 45.00
EZ carbon Filter                                                    $125.00
Spirit Hydrometer                                                  $ 22.00
Wash Hydrometer                                                 $ 15.00
Distilling Conditioner                                              $  7.10
Citric Acid                                                            $  3.40
Turbo Yeast                                                          $  7.50
Super Clear                                                          $  5.20
Steriliser/Cleaner                                                  $  8.90
Total                                                   $905.10

Package Deal: $830.00 + two free flavours of your choice
A saving of over $70 on RRP

25 litre Stainless Steel Still

Recommended Retail Prices

Still                                                                     $725.00 
Fermenter                                                            $ 45.00
EZ carbon Filter                                                    $125.00
Spirit Hydrometer                                                  $ 22.00
Wash Hydrometer                                                 $ 15.00
Distilling Conditioner                                              $  7.10
Citric Acid                                                             $  3.40
Ultra Pure Yeast                                                    $  7.50
Super Clear                                                           $  5.20
Steriliser/Cleaner                                                    $  5.90
Total                                                    $961.10

Package Deal: $850 + two free flavours of your choice
A saving of over $130 on RRP

(package deal also available with the 
essencia express 2000w still at  $790 )

Still Spirits Turbo 500 Complete Distillery 

Still Spirits Turbo 500

Production pack; 6kg turbo sugar, 
Classic yeast, Turbo Clear, Turbo carbon,

 & EZ Filter carbon cartridge.

30 Litre fermenter, with tap, sediment reducer,                       .            
airlock, grommet & stick-on thermometer

EZ Filter

5 Litre measuring jug/collector

50cm stirring spoon

Wash hydrometer


Spirit flavours x 5

Classic Whiskey

Classic Gin

Classic American Bourbon

Classic Brandy

Classic Jamaican Dark Rum

Liqueur flavours x 2

Irish cream with cream base

Cafelua with liqueur base ‘C’

Cocktail sachets x 6

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Still Spare Parts

Still Spirits Ceramic Saddles - $15.90 The condensing medium for a Super Reflux Still
Reflux Marble -50c Reflux marble to replace the one that has rolled underneath your washing machine.
Pot Condenser - $121.75 Condenser for pot still. a must for distilling essential oils
Element SS 1380JIN - $51.00 Replacement element for 25 litre stainless steel still
Element Jug Cord - $16.50
 Jug cord for din element and 1380JIN element.
Element Nut -$11.20 32 mm replacement element nut for 25 litre stainless steel still.

Tap Connector - $11.80 Plastic connector that connects your Still to your tap.
Black Thermometer Bung $6.50- Spare thermometer bung for all Still Spirits still condensers.
English Thermometer - $13.50 (-100 C to 1100 C) - Replacement thermometer for all still types.
Clamping Ring - $13.50 litre stainless steel still
Spirits Stainless Steel Lid - $50.60 For 25 litre stainless steel still.
Still Spirits Stainless Steel Body no lid - $173.90 For 25 litre stainless steel still

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Other Fermenting and Distilling Equipment

Brewcraft Heater Pad $59.90 - Provides ideal temperature for year round brewing , convenient and easy to use.
Brewcraft Heating Belt $45.00 - Flexible heating belt that can be placed around the fermenter.
Wash Hydrometer $15.00 - For measuring when your wash is ready to distill. A must-have piece of equipment.
30 litre Fermenter - $45.00 (plastic) - Complete with Airlock, Digital Thermometer, Bung & Tap - also used to make wine or beer.
Stick on thermometer $6.30
(Range 100 - 400 Celsius) - Digital, sticks to side of fermenter.
Plastic Stirrer  $6.90 (41 cm) - Long enough to dissolve and mix all of the brewing ingredients in the fermenter. Made of food grade, high density, plastic which can be sterilised.
Bubbler Airlock $4.50 - Half fill the 'U' of the airlock with water and fit to the lid of the fermenter to prevent contamination getting in during fermentation, while still allowing gas to escape.
Glass Jar - 5 litre $18.50 - Ideal for storing spirits.
Glass Trial Jar $14.90 - This tall, narrow jar holds a wash sample while reading the hydrometer.Calibrated in mls to 100 mls.
Z Filter System $115.00 
- The Z Carbon Filter can carbon treat one batch of spirits in just four hours.
Z Carbon Filter Upgrade Kit $51.50 - Turn your continuous filter into a Z Carbon Filter.
Bottles - we have 375ml and 500ml flasks and 1125ml PET bottles and 1125ml glass (cheaper by the dozen)
Measuring Jug - Made to food grade specifications with volume/graduation marks on the side.1, 3 & 5 litre
Spirit Hydrometer - Measures the percentage of alcohol in distilled spirit.$22.00

The ESSENCIA carbon filter $180 - Processes 45 litres of spirit through a ceramic dome then through a disposable carbon cartridge. No mess, no leaks, just the cleanest, purest spirit possible. The system that makes other suppliers say, "Damn, we wish we had thought of it first."
Ceramic dome- $50.00
(replace after using your still 50 times)
Carbon Cartridge- $48.60
(Replace after filtering 40-45 litres @ 40%)


 Still Spirits EZ filter - $125.00



New from Still Spirits. The EZ Filter uses a specially formulated solid activated carbon cartridge to remove unwanted flavours. Its solid form conveniently eliminates the need to handle powdered or granulated carbons. With its 10 litre reservoir  and  collector, 

this filter really is EZ to use

EZ Inline filter - $59.90 Using the same carbon cartridge as the EZ filter. Upgrade your 'Z' filter.    
No mess, no leaks, no fuss

EZ filter cartridge - $8.50

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Ingredients for Spirits & Liqueur Distillation

Still Spirits Classic Turbo Yeast $7.90 - Suitable for a 25 litre still.
Still Spirits Heat Wave Turbo Yeast $7.90 - Ideal in warmer climates as it will ferment in a temperature range from 15deg to 40deg C.
Still Spirits Express Turbo Yeast $9.50 - When it's needed for the weekend.
Still Spirits Triple Distilled yeast $9.10 - Used in conjunction with Turbo carbon in the wash,this is a breakthrough in turbo technology allowing 'triple distilled vodka' quality
Still Spirits Power 23 $9.90 - 23%ABV in the wash, this is an extreme alcohol yeast, a world first increasing the quantity and strength of alcohol collected from the still, for use by the experienced distiller. It provides more alcohol for less work.
Essencia Super 6, Ultra Pure yeast $7.50 - Fully stackable, temp tolerant. 'Triple distilled' quality. Extremely low fermentation odour.
Essencia Ultra Clear $5.20 - A two part fining to further improve the purity of your wash before distilling.
Wash Nutrient & Yeast $6.50 - For 20 litres of wash.
High Activity Carbon $5.50 - For filtering 6 litres of spirit at under 50%. Used with continuous filter.
Primary Carbon $4.60 - 
For filtering 6 litres of spirit at under 50%.
Finishing Carbon $2.90 - 
For filtering 6 litres of spirit at under 50%.
Spare Filter Papers; Lg or Small$2.00 - 
Packet of 5 
Z Filter Universal Carbon $7.90 - 
Unique blend of carbon for a batch of spirit
Dextrose $4.00 - 1 kg bags. Specialist brewing sugar.
Steriliser Cleaner $8.90 - 500 gm. for cleaning and sterilising all your fermenting equipment.
Liquid Glucose (1 litre) $11.50- Can be added to slightly thicken liqueurs, without sweetening, and give a smoother mouth feel.
Still Spirits Liqueur Thick - A powdered thickener for easy mixing. Dissolve, (perhaps in a little boiling water), before adding to your spirit base.


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