Making your spirits and liqueurs is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Making your spirits and liqueurs is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Fermentation Process
1st Step- Fermentation
Make the alcohol by mixing sugar and water and then adding a Still Spirits Turbo which is a mixture of yeast and yeast food (nutrients). The yeast will convert the sugar to alcohol by a process known as fermentation. We have a variety of Turbo yeasts to use that will suit your climate and conditions.

2nd Step - Distillation. 
Add the fermented mixture to your still. These are sold in some countries as Water Purifiers. The alcohol is then boiled off and the first portion is separated and discarded before collecting the potable (or drinkable) alcohol.

3rd Step - Filtration. 
Add water to bring the strength of your spirit down to 40% ABV. Filter the alcohol with your filter unit. This involves running the spirit through a cartridge packed with a carbon mixture that removes any unwanted tastes and smells.

     Now, simply flavour and enjoy    

Click on the picture below to see a short video showing how easy
it is to make your spirits & liqueurs at home 


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Making Spirits and Liqueurs at home
At Your Shout / Brewers World we are proud of the quality of the spirits and liqueurs that we can assist you to make in your own home. The range of essences is growing all the time. You can now replicate most of the liqueurs available at the bottle stores at a fraction of the cost. Copyright laws prevent us from publishing the commercial names of some of these liqueurs, so if you can't see what you are looking for please ask. If the flavour is available we will point you in the right direction. We have a wealth of experience which we would love to pass on to you. Just ask!

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Essencia Flavours

Essencia the Essence of Quality
The Essencia range of essences offers something new to the home user. For the first time access is available to a range of spirit & liqueur essences previously only available to commercial producers.It is a range for those who do not want to compromise when it comes to quality.


Banana Cream  $8.50 - Just like the 'Banana Bike' lollies of yesteryear, only much, much nicer.

Butterscotch Schnapps $8.50- A deliciously sweet, premium quality schnapps. Enjoy it neat or in a dessert cocktail.

Coconut Rum $8.50 - A light Barbadoes rum blending coconut and sugar cane with soft buttery notes.

Coffee Cream $8.50 - Indulgent, smooth and luxurious with the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans

Coffee Liqueur $8.50 - So many ways to use this coffee flavoured favourite. As an ingredient for many cocktails or simply with milk or coke.

Irish Cream $8.50 - The rich and velvety smooth taste of Ireland, this liqueur is just great over ice.

Grandier $8.50 - The clean, fresh, zesty taste of Oranges subtly blended with the finest Brandy. Great over ice or as an after dinner snifter.

Melonori $8.50 - A bright green, sweet japanese honeydew melon flavoured liqueur.

Scottish Liqueur $8.50 - A smooth and sumptuous whisky liqueur with a honey of heather honey.

Triple sec $8.50 - Strong and clear with orange overtones - makes the perfect Marguarita.

**NEW**  Liqueur and Schnapps Base: $11.50
Simply use the Liqueur and Schnapps base in place of sugar and glucose when making your favourite liqueurs or schnapps -  the quick and easy, no fuss way to make liqueurs. All the mixing and messing around is done for you. Simply pour the required amount of Ezi Base from the bottle and pour your flavouring, alcohol, top up with water and its done! 

**NEW**   Cream Liqueur Base: $11.50
Simply use 500ml of Ceam Liqueur Base, flavouring, alcohol, top up with water and you're finished.

It is that easy!

essencia bases are fat & dairy free and now come in a sugar free version as well



   ****NEW*** Whisky Chunks 500gm - $29.90 Authentic whisky barrel chunks for    that genuine whisky flavour

Bourbon Chunks 100 gm pack $7.50 -(My personal favourite) A blend of fresh bourbon barrels from the Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's & Wild Turkey distilleries.Simply add to filtered spirit and wait (the waiting's the hardest part).  
Bourbon Chunks 500 gm pack $29.90. 
-For those who discovered that the 100 gm pack wasn't enough

Bourbon $10.50 - This is a fantastic Bourbon with warm Vanilla and Oak notes which makes this the sweetest sippin' whisky in the south.

Caribbean Rum $10.50 - Dark and rich Jamaican rum with a slight sweetness and a hint of spice 

VSOP(Cognac) $10.50 - In 1817, the future King George IV of England asked Hennessy to supply him with a "very superior, old and pale cognac". By the end of the 19th century, V.S.O.P, as it had become known, had firmly established its reputation among the nobility.

Fermanagh Irish Whiskey $10.50 - A smoky peat single malt, uniquely smooth and a fully rounded flavour. The free spirit with a hint of peat - smooth, gentle and refreshing. This Whiskey will appeal to the most discerning of palates.

Gin $10.50 - A botanical taste experience - perfect alone or mixed with friends.

Blue Sapphire Gin $10.50 - The classic London dry gin. An ultra smooth, yet complex gin reflecting a wide range of distilled botanicals. 

Rye Whisky $10.50 - The Royal Crown of Ryes. For those who enjoy the finest Canadian Rye Whisky. This will also appeal to Bourbon drinkers. 

Scotch Whisky $10.50 - A top quality Scotch with subtle peat and oak notes and the long lasting taste of the Highlands.

Walkers Whisky $10.50 - The classic 'red label' blended scotch whisky with a robust and distinctive flavour.

White Rum $10.50 - Simply the best. This Caribbean favourite is sure to be the first choice of those who want a true white Rum flavour.

  Whiskey Profile Kit


Our unique Whiskey Profiling Kit not only allows you to make authentic recreations of many of the world’s most famous whiskeys, you can even create your own tailor made spirit to exactly your taste. Our huge range of Liqueur kits come with the right combination of essences, additives and liqueur bases to make the perfect liqueurs time after time. Your friends may never go home!
Flavour notes like peat, oak, sherry, grain and fruity esters are just some of the notes that make up a whiskey. The Whiskey Profile Kit provides all the whiskey flavour notes so you can adjust the flavour profile of your whiskey to exactly match your preferences.

               Flavour Note Additives


Profile A,B,C and D- Used as a base for making Whiskey in the Whiskey Profile Kit.
Astringent Notes-Often described as grainy, these flavour notes are a part of any grain spirit
Carob Notes - A chocolate grain flavour that results from the use of some mildly roasted grains 
Cedar Oak- This imparts a distinctive drier oak flavour and is often found in Irish style whiskey
Cereal Notes- This essence allows additional cereal notes to be added to taste
Fruity Esters- Fruity esters are prominent on the nose. They add a great deal to that Whiskey bouquet
Oak Cask- A distinctive rounded oak cask flavour which is a main component in most whiskies
Peat Smoke- An almost pungent peat smoke flavour,very prominent flavour note from Scottish Whiskies.
Sweet Vanillin- this imparts a sweet vanilla flavour often found in Whiskey that has been barrel aged. It also has a slight sherry flavour.


Still Spirits Flavours

Still Spirits Classic Range

American Bourbon $15.00 - A smooth, rich, bourbon with the strong aroma of peach wood barrel oak. A superior bourbon ideal for drinking straight over ice. 
Tennessee Bourbon $15.00- A full flavoured sour mash whisky stacked with aromas yet mellow and smooth. Great over ice and even better with a dash of cola
Brandy $15.00- A mellow, well aged, brandy style. A subtle blend of grape & fruit flavours give this connoisseur's brandy a distinctive place in any liquor cabinet.
VSOP $15.00A smooth rounded flavour, with subtle fragrances and delicate colour. With its distinctive grape and fruit notes this premium spirit is best enjoyed neat in a tulip shaped glass.

Dark Jamaica Rum $15.00- A smooth, mellow, traditional Jamaican dark rum. Full of flavour and warm to the taste, this Caribbean favourite is great with cola or dry ginger ale.

 Whisky $15.00- A rich, golden, full flavoured, single malt whisky style. As you sip this you can almost hear the sound of bagpipes & smell the peat fires burning.

Finest Reserve Scotch Whisky $15.00- A unique blend of several of the best distillations from fermented grains combine to give this Whisky outstanding flavour and aroma

Gin $11.90- A distinctive refreshing gin of outstanding character. This very concentrated essence produces a clean tasting clean smelling gin with a strong juniper flavour & a touch of coriander.

Calypso Rum $11.90 - A rich, dark molasses style rum which first found popularity in the Caribbean. Great with rum based cocktails but most often consumed with Cola. 

Navy Dark Rum $11.90 - A dark sweet, mellow rum styled on the seafaring rums of old. Best enjoyed straight.

Australian Gold Rum $11.90 - A mellow rum with subtle tones of liquorice, golden syrup and molasses. The distinctive taste of American white oak gives this a complex yet smooth aftertaste.

More Fine Flavours
Top Shelf Spirits $7.50 ea

A range developed with the connoisseur in mind. Each 50 ml bottle will flavour 2.25 litres (2 x 40 oz bottles) of filtered alcohol.

Absinthe - Van Gogh's drink of choice. The green fairy can be seen with this one

Bourbon - A favourite for many discerning Bourbon drinkers. Variations can be made by adding sugar to taste.

Citrus Vodka-vodka with a twist.

Dark Rum - An Australian style Dark Rum. For a taste sensation try half Still Spirits and half Top Shelf Dark Rum.

English Gin - This essence is the very finest Gin that we have been able to source. A Dry Gin for the connoisseur.

French Brandy - An excellent complex Napoleon Brandy style. Very smooth.

Irish Whiskey - A typical Irish Whiskey, smooth and very mellow with overtones of sherry and vanilla.

Jamaican Dark Rum - Has rich, dark, molasses tones and a traditional full Jamaican flavour. 

Kentucky Bourbon - A rich, fruity complex Bourbon reminiscent of famous American Bourbons. Sweeter than Top Shelf Bourbon. 

Rye Whisky - A light, refreshing, Canadian style whiskey.

Scotch Whisky - Complex whisky with rich oak & subtle peat tones; very good on the rocks.

Smokey Malt - A distinctive, single malt style with strong peat undertones.

Southern haze - Styled after the world famous Southern Comfort liquor that became known as "the grand old drink of the south".

Tequila- Reminiscent of Mexico - all that's missing is the worm.

Vodka- a must for vodka lovers.

White Rum -  Caribbean style White Rum

Still Spirits Original  $7.50 ea

This is the most cost effective range.Popular with our 'price concious' customers. Care has been taken to select these essences for their widespread appeal. Each 50 ml bottle will flavour 5 litres of filtered alcohol.

Blended Whisky - A quality whisky can be drunk neat or on the rocks. Has a slight peaty flavour.

Bourbon - Would stand up well in the Southern States. Subtle variations can be made by adding a little sugar for sweetness and a little oak to mellow.

Brandy - Extremely popular. Not as sweet as the Top Shelf or Royal Piper varieties and can be further improved with a little Top Shelf Melow Oak essence.
Dark Rum - A Jamaican Rum ideal for drinking with spirits.

Gin - Refreshingly mellow with a clean fresh. Soften by adding a little sugar to taste.

London Dry Gin - Dry, complex & reminiscent of quality Gins from the London area.

Tequila - A new essence from Still Spirits, this tequila has fast become a favourite.

Vodka - A must for vodka lovers.

Whisky - A popular whisky ideal for drinking with splits.

White Rum - A good, easy drinking variety best suited for drinking with mixers.

Top Shelf  Liqueurs $8.50 ea

All these essences have been designed to closely replicate the liqueurs available from your local bottle stores.

Amaretto - With a sweet, rich almond flavour from Northern Italy.

Ambrosia Cream - Ambrosia, the food of the gods, what more can we say?

Apple Schnapps - A clear schnapps with the tang of apples

Apricot Brandy - This brandy has been infused with apricots.

Banana Schnapps - Rich yellow schnapps with the flavour of fresh bananas.

Black Sambuca - Purple liqueur with a strong aniseed and delicate liquorice flavour.

Blackberry Schnapps - A sweet, purple schnapps with the full taste of blackberries.

Blue Curacao - Bright blue liqueur with a strong citrus orange flavour.

Butterscotch Cream - A very popular, easy drinking cream liqueur.

Butterscotch Schnapps - Schnapps with the flavour of butterscotch. Try it with Irish Cream!

Cafelua - A coffee based liqueur with a rich, fresh coffee flavour from Mexico.

Candy Shots - Sweet confectionery flavour.

Cappuccino - A cream liqueur with a rich coffee & delicate chocolate flavour.

Caranilla Cream - A blend of caramel & vanilla.

Cherry Brandy - Brandy flavoured with cherries.

Chocolate Cream - A velvety chocolate sensation that just 'Slides' down.

Chocolate Mint - Chocolate based with a clean refreshing mint aftertaste.

Coconut Rum - Based on White Rum and has a strong taste of fresh coconut.

Coffee Maria - Similar to the rum based, coffee flavoured liqueur from Jamaica.

Creme de Cacao - Sweet, dark brown liqueur with a rich cocoa and vanilla flavour.

Creme de Menthe - liqueur with a clean, refreshing, peppermint flavour.

Dictine - A brandy based herbal liqueur with a clean, refreshing flavour.

Dry Vermouth - Made with wine or spirit.

Grande Paris - An orange flavoured liqueur, a perfect after dinner drink

Hazelnut - Boasts a pleasant hazelnut flavour.

Herbal Liqueur - Previously named 'Yagaer', a reddish brown German style liqueur. Serve ice cold.

Hot Cinnamon Schnapps - Think of the fragrant flavours of hot cinnamon.

Irish Cream - Whisky based cream liqueur with a strong vanilla flavour.

Italiano - A gold coloured, sweet Italian liqueur with the flavours of vanilla, aniseed & liquorice.

Macadamia Nut - This liqueur has a delicate macadamia nut flavour.

Mango - The taste of the tropics. Enjoy over ice on a hot day.

Marula Cream - The fabulous taste of the fruit of the African Marula tree

Melon - A light green liqueur with a delicate honeydew melon flavour.

Orange Brandy - Amber liqueur, of French or gin, which combines brandy and fresh oranges in one of the best known styles of Triple Sec.

Parfait Amour - A popular, sweet, purple, fragrant liqueur.

Peach Schnapps Sweet - Clear liqueur with a soft flavour and the aroma of fresh peaches.

Pear Schnapps - A sweet,clear schnapps with the taste of Grandma's pears.

Pina Colada Cream - A cream liqueur with the flavours of pineapple, coconut and white rum.

Pineapple Schnapps - A light yellow liqueur infused with the taste of sweet pineapples.

Red Sambuca - An aniseed liqueur with a rich red colour.

Reverendine - Just like the drink made by the Benedictine monks in the 16th century

Rum Liqueur - A rum based liqueur with chocolate, caramel and coffee notes.

Scotch Heather - Styled after the world famous Scottish Drambuie

Skyebuie - A herbal liqueur based on whisky with notes of honey.

Strawberry Schnapps - Tastes and looks like fresh strawberries

Swiss Chocolate Almond - A delicious nutty, chocolate liqueur.

Triple Sec - Clear liqueur with a rich, strong and dry citrus orange taste.

White Sambuca - Aniseed based liqueur that is clear to opaque.

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Spirits Unlimited Flavours


Premium Whiskey $10.50
Premium Dry Gin $10.50
Black Label Whiskey $10.50
Premium Bourbon $10.50
Stuarts Dry Gin$10.50
Bourbon $7.00
Brandy $9.50
Dark Rum $7.00
Gin $7.00
Gold Rum $7.00
Jamaican Rum $9.50
Ouzo $7.00
Smokey Bourbon $9.50
Tequila $8.00
Vodka $7.00
White Rum $7.00

Gold Medal range from $14.50

Becks Gin
Bodine's Bourbon
McGregors Whisky
Calypso Rum
Grande U.S. Brandy
Glen Darroch Whisky
Sombrero Tequilla
Russian Drakon Vodka

Liqueur Concentrates $8.50 ea

50ml makes 1 x 1125ml bottle

Butterscotch Schnapps/Liqueur
Orange Brandy
Irish Cream 
makes 2.3L
Triple Sec
Opel Zambucca
Black Sambucca
White Sambucca

150 grams makes 750mls, nothing else to add

Rum Liqueur
Whiskey Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur
Bourbon Liqueur
Irish Creme
Opel Zambucca
Black Sambucca
Orange Brandy Liqueur
Port Flavour

Heritage Flavours

mix contents with up to 2100 of 40% spirit

Demarara Golden Cane Rum
Blackstrap Barrel Aged Rum
Malt Whiskey Deluxe
Citrus Dry Vodka
Old Man Sipping Bourbon
Bombay Special Aromatic Gin
Rum & Cloves
Kentucky Bourbon
London Dry Gin


50ml flavours 1 litre of 40% spirit


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