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Making food is a combination of both art and science. Put them together and you have a visually appealing food product which is both aesthetically and 
tastefully appealing. A rapidly increasing number of people today are enjoying taking food creation techniques back to basics and uniquely crafting it 
themselves, exactly how they like it!

Making your own cheese is fun and a lot easier than you may think.
Click on the links below to see just how simple the process is.

Cream Cheese

Feta Cheese

Marscapone Cheese

Mozzerella Cheese

Ricotta Cheese


    Blue Cheese                    Cheddar Cheese                   Halloumi                              Quark                               Camembert  




Everything you need to make it yourself


Basic Equipment Kit  $109.90

Developed specifically to partner with Mad Millie cheese ingredient kits, we've assembled all the essential 'tools of the trade' in the one convenient pack. This kit only needs to be purchased once and can be used with any of our ingredient kits.

Kit contains:-

Incubator-The Mad Millie Incubator is an insulating case in which the cheese vat should be kept throughout the entire cheese-making procedure. This will keep your milk at the correct temperature during the cheese making process, so you get a great result at the end.
Cheese Vat-
The Mad Millie Cheese Vat is a 9 litre (2.3 US gallon) vat ideal for the majority of your cheese making. It makes heating up your milk and cleaning up afterwards, a breeze. 
This vat is made from a non-reactive plastic that is both dishwasher and microwave safe.
Maturing Box-
Used to mature your cheeses that need to be kept humid and in a sterile place. The rack inside is removable and can also be used for drying fresh and hard cheeses.
Glass Stem Thermometer-Ensures accurate monitoring of the milk temperature to certify optimal conditions for starter cultures and enzyme when making cheese.
Pipette- Used to measure small amounts of rennet and/or calcium chloride
Measuring beaker-Used to dilute rennet in the right amount of cooled boiled water to ensure even distribution of the rennet in the milk
Feta Mould with Brining Container- Unlike most cheeses, feta is ripened in brine. This round feta mould has a special 'brining' storage container to keep it brining while in the fridge. 

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