Beer Making 


We've all had those friends who, in the past, have made brews that only he/she could actually enjoy drinking and they always forced it upon us gentle folk who were too polite for our own taste buds.

Well, things have changed, homebrewing has come of age!!

Brewing your own beer, these days, is as easy as making a cup of coffee and it tastes GREAT !! 

 No more boiling malt or hops. Just add the concentrate to your sterilised fermenter with 1 kg of brewing sugar, 2 litres of boiling water and top up to 23 litres with cold water.Leave to ferment for about a week, then put into bottles. Mature for at least three - four  weeks (longer is better) and it's ready to drink.




 (Click on the image below for an easy to follow brewing tutorial )



Contains everything you need to make your very own home-crafted beer


25 Litre fermenter; complete with tap, stick-on thermometer, airlock & grommetHydrometer                                                                                                  Brew bottler                                                                                          Sterilizer                                                                                                       50cm brewers paddle                                                                                         1.5kg   beer kit                                                                              
1kg beer enhancer                                                                       
Beer finings                                                                                              Carbonation drops

Total value approx $125  for just   $99.90

Add 2 boxes of brewers bottles (RRP $17.30 ea) and pay only $130.00 
                      ( Total value approx $160.00)







 Beer & Brewer.
Full of helpful hints & articles, relevant to the NZ home beer maker

Brew Your Own 
from the USA,
The worlds best selling home brewing magazine

 $9.95 each


****Now Available****

Up until now, the celiacs among us had to forgo drinking beer. No longer will they be left out!! 
We now stock Beer Maker Gluten free kits. No barley, wheat or oat malts. 
Each kit produces 23 litres of  golden lager
for just $55.00


Turn your home into your very own 'Local'

Are you tired of washing and sterilising all those bottles? With the beer kegging system you simply fill the keg from your fermenter and carbonate. 
You can drink your home crafted beer just 2-3 days after fermentation has ceased, no longer will you have to wait 6- 8 weeks before sampling your beer.

You get:
2 x 19litre stainless steel kegs
1 x two clock regulator
Either a beer gun or a tap to fit in the door of your  fridge 
(you don't even need to open the door to pour yourself a beer)
All the fittings and hoses needed to carbonate and pour your own beer.
(You will need to supply your own CO2 bottle, either rent one from BOC or buy one secondhand) 


The kegs used in this system are second hand post-mix kegs. They are made of stainless steel with a 
hatch cover for ease of cleaning and filling. They include gas in and beer out valves as well as a safety 
release valve. These kegs are 19 litres capacity and have been checked prior to sale.

Kegging system, complete with S/S beer gun- $515
S/S fridge tap-$535


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Beer Kits


Barons Beer Kits    $54.95

Barons Premium Beer Kits offer you 7.5 litres of high quality concentrated wort    to get you underway to creating a natural beer of outstanding flavour, ready to    brew with conventional brewing equipment, with no need for boiling!     Barons   is   defined by superior ingredients, state-of-the-art processing and    unique   user-friendly packaging which preserves product freshness.

With Barons, we handle the preparation of premium malt, hops and water.    We  even throw in a special add pack of finishing hop pellets, allowing    dry-hopping for extra aroma and a further hint of flavour. You handle the rest    and it couldn't be simpler.

Barons offers a range of popular selection of premium microbrewery styles that offer full aromas and flavours for the discerning beermaker.

Amber Ale
Malty rich flavour and body. This reddish ale has slightly more bitterness than typical ales but its maltiness gives a nice balance between sweet and bitter. Our unique blend of 2-row pilsen, crystal and chocolate malts gives this ale its incredible character.

Dutch Lager
This globally popular beer reflects the styles of Grolsch and Heineken, with a crisp golden lager character and smooth spicy hoppiness, rounding out to a gentle, grassy finish. Crisp, distinct and delicious.

Pale Ale
A superior rendition of this famous ale beer. It has a rich, chestnut colour with a slightly higher hop bitterness for a true English pale ale flavour.

Redwood Ale
A copper colour cream ale with traditional Canadian hop flavour and aroma. The superior maltiness and body in this flavourable ale are derived from a special blend of 2-row pilsen malt and crystal malt. Full and refreshing.


The Beer Machine  
( includes your first beer mix )

The Beer Machine is your very own micro brewery. You can make your beer in a few steps!

The Beer Machine works as an all-in-one single step fermenter, conditioning vessel, and dispenser apparatus. It is a beer brewing method designed and engineered by professional brewers who also build and design micro breweries and understand the science of brewing. They have formulated the preparation of The Beer Mixes for those who want to make beer at home, brewed quickly and without need of further preparation other than the addition of water in a vessel that is completely airtight and protected from outside environmental influences. Almost 20 years ago, a team headed by Dr Michael J Lewis  from the University of California at Davis completed the design and engineering for what today is the world's most popular device for home beer making.  

The Beer Machine has revolutionized the way people make beer at home, brewing small batch, premium beers.  You don’t need a stadium-sized plant that eats a river of rocky mountain water to brew beer.  And you don’t need beakers, tubes, a room full of gauges, and three painful weeks to homebrew it either. Beer brewing methods have made great advances - because technology really does makes a difference!

All you need is... a Beer Machine.

The beer that comes out is really good, and if you follow the simple instructions you can't screw it up!

Beer Mixes$27.50

Pale Ale, American Blonde, Amber Ale,Golden Ale, Irish Stout, 
American Pilsner, Golden Lager, Honey brown, Canadian Red Lager, Canadian Dark, Vienna Beer, Porter



Lion 1.5kg   

Lion Draught; $19.90  a mixture of  malts, hops & yeast producing a true NZ draught style body & finish  
( Speights style)

Lion Dark Ale; $22.40  a blend of Dark & light roasted malts giving that classic Dark Ale taste (Speights Old Dark style)

Lion Real Ale; $19.90  a deep coloured, full flavoured & refreshing ale style beer (Lion Brown style)

Lion Lager; $19.90  a light coloured, refreshing lager with a clean, dry finish ( Lion Red style)


Click on the pic below for a great tutorial video

Black Rock 1.5 kg $19.10

Lager; A blend of hop varieties produces the characteristic bitterness & aroma of this light & refreshing lager

Colonial Lager; a NZ lager created to satisfy a hard earned thirst

Mexican Lager; a crisp refreshing lager in a Mexican style

Dry Lager; a light coloured &refreshing dry lager with a crisp, clean finish

East India Pale Ale; a distinctive, medium hopped beer first brewed for the British serving in India

New Zealand Draught; NZ's own style of full malt draught beer

Black Rock - 1.7 kg $20.30

Bock; A robust & full flavoured German style dark beer

Export Pilsiner; a traditional Czech beer. Crisp, clear & refreshing

Pilsiner Blonde; a European style dry lager with full hop flavour.

New Zealand company Bitter;Originally brewed in England for the long voyage to NZ. Rich, strong & tasty

Nut Brown Ale; a malty, deep amber beer. Clean tastying with accented malty flavours

Black Rock - 1.7 kg $23.80                                                                                                                             

Whispering Wheat;
 Liquid gold with a fruity flavour. Lively & refreshing for the warmer seasons.                        

Miners Stout;
 The West Coast coal miners meal at the end of the day. Dark, smooth & satisfying

Black Rock - 1.65 kg $32.00

Apple Cider; A traditional sparkling cider with a superb refreshing taste and light golden colour


Muntons Premium - 1.5 kg $26.50
Premium Lager -Golden crisp beer popular in northern Europe. Light and refreshing.                            

Premium Bitter 
- Classic English pub bitter -well balanced and full of taste. England's favourite beer.             

Midland Mild Ale
 - A dark sweet yet subtle beer brewed to quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger.

Scottish Style Heavy Ale 
- Full bodied satisfyingly dark with good hoppy overtones.

Irish Style Stout 
- Very dark and very hoppy, a rich beer of great character - serve chilled 

Barley Wine 
-An extra strong beer for the special occasion - drink unchilled to fully appreciate its rich body and flavour.   


Muntons Connoisseurs - 1.8 kg $27.50 

Bock Beer - A dark lager popularised in the Bavarian region of Germany. This beer has all of the character of lager with the body of a dark beer. Serve ice-cold. 

Continental Lager
 - This is a light amber hoppy lager modelled on the full-bodied beer available across mainland Europe. Serve chilled to appreciate its rich character.

Export Pilsner
 - Originating from Bohemia. This is a full-bodied lager for the more discerning palate. At its best when served chilled.

Export Stout
 - Strong and full of body, serve chilled to appreciate this very dark, very hoppy stout. You don't have to be a genius to enjoy this beer.

IPA Bitter
 - IPA Bitter is a light, delicately balanced beer. Originally brewed for consumption in India, it is an ideal thirst-quencher. 

Nut Brown Ale
 - Dark and smooth, a brown ale with a slightly "nutty" character. To really enjoy this ale serve at cellar temperature.

 - A light, refreshing, thirst-quenching beer popularised in warm climates. This is the lightest beer in the Connoisseurs range.

Traditional Bitter
 - The classic English ale, well hopped with a rich malty flavour - a drink to be savoured. Best enjoyed at cellar temperature.

Wheat Beer
 - Made from a careful balance of wheat and barley malt, this is a crisp refreshing, distinctive beer. To enjoy at its prime, serve chilled with a squeeze of lemon or lime.

Yorkshire Bitter 
- Typical of the smooth, easy-drinking beers of the Yorkshire region of North East England. Drink with care - one glass begs another.

Muntons Gold - 3 kg $52.80

Continental Pilsner - Continental Pilsner embodies the full character of European lager style beers - light and delicate, yet richly satisfying. This beer preserves the delicate balance of natural hop bitterness with the sweetness of malt and is best served cold 

Docklands Porter
 - At the end of the 19th century a beer was brewed especially for the dockyard workers of the bustling Port of London. Docklands Porter was named after these strong men, who unloaded the cargoes of sailing ships and schooners berthed at the many wharves along the Thames. Porter had a uniquely rich and satisfying flavour which quenched the thirst of dockers after long shifts loading and unloading vessels from around the world. 

India Pale Ale
 - Keeping the British troops supplied with fresh beer out in the British East Indies proved to be a problem during the 19th Century. The lengthy journey by sailing ship caused the beers to spoil and a special brew therefore had to be supplied - India Pale Ale. 

Highland Heavy Ale
 - In the Highlands of Scotland, centuries ago, small breweries began producing rich, dark, hoppy ales know locally as "Heavy". In addition "Light" beers were also brewed, known south of the border as Milds, but it was a pint of "Heavy" which typified the highlanders' preference. 

Imperial Stout - As Imperial Russia extended its territories into the Baltic States during the early 1780's, Catherine the Great, Empress of all the Russians fell in love with strong British Stout. Imperial Stout captures the essence of this truly classic beer, with its full body, rich black colour and distinctive dry bitterness. 

Muntons Premium Gold $62.00

Midas Touch Golden Ale - This is a refreshing light pale ale with a rich golden colour and a distinctive hoppy taste. A gentle invitation for lager drinkers to enter the flavoursome world of English style bitter.

Old Conkerwood Black Ale - Old Conkerwood is a distinctive black-coloured beer with an aromatic yet hoppy character. Not quite a porter or a stout, Old Conkerwood, with your eyes closed, drinks like an ale; an underlying dry bitterness provided by the use of specially selected coloured malt pleases the palate and encourages the drinker to appreciate this Conker coloured ale.

Smugglers Special Premium Ale - This light malty beer has a wonderful balance achieved with choice aromatic and bittering hops and the use of finest English 2-row premium ale malt.

** Special **     Not for the fainthearted !!

Muntons Barley Wine - An extra strong beer for that special occasion - Not the beer to be drunk carelessly while watching the footy. 
Drink unchilled to fully appreciate it's rich body and flavour   
*New Stock HERE!!!!*       


We are pleased to be able to offer a selection of this fabulous range of all malt beer kits

Woodforde’s Ales have become a by-word for consistency and excellence among brewers of cask conditioned ale and their customers.
Woodforde’s has grown from tiny beginnings to become one of the largest and most respected of the wave of new cask ale brewers who started up in the early 1980’s. It was a time when beer drinkers finally began to rebel against the relentless blandness of the larger brewers products, and pioneers turned first to home brewing and then to commercial production of their lovingly created recipes.

  Admirals Reserve Strong Ale Kit

Solid and generous sweet fruit flavour create a complex and satisfying dark 
chestnut-coloured beer. Wonderfully, and dangerously, drinkable.
Brews 32 pints @ approx. 5.5%ABV


  Headcracker Golden Barley Wine Kit

Pale but strong and full-bodied. Carries an intricate combination of plums and damsons countered by an abundance of ‘citrus’ hopping.
Brews 24 pints @ approx. 7%ABV


Wherry Bitter Kit

Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and a hoppy ‘grapefruit’ bitter finish characterises this champion bitter.
Brews 40 pints @ approx. 4.5%ABV


 Nelson’s Revenge Special Bitter Kit
Rich and floral aromas, sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of ‘citrus’ hops embody this mouth-watering premium beer. A full flavoured bitter to celebrate Norfolk's renowned maritime heritage.
Brews 36 pints @ approx. 5%ABV


 Norfolk Nog Old Ale Kit

Smooth, rich and rounded ‘Old Ale’ with a velvety texture and hints of chocolate, treacle and liquorice.A strong dark ale, "Champion Beer of Britain"
Brews 40 pints @ approx. 4.5%ABV


Mangrove Jacks 1.5kg International Series

Bavarian Wheat  $21.10 - Made from a careful balance of wheat and barley malt, this is a crisp, refreshing, distictive beer. To enjoy at its prime, serve chilled with a squeeze of lemon of lime

Belgian Ale $23.00 - Smooth and lower in alcohol. Those Belgians really know how to make a silky, easy-drinking pale ale. And now so do you!

Czech Pilsener $19.30 - Light and delicate, this pilsner is a great thirst quencher

Dutch Lager $19.30 - This favourite of the Amsterdam crowd is now readily available in most bars of the world. A crisp golden refreshing lager.

Mexican Cerveza $19.30 - A gentle, delicate light lager subtly flavoured with a crisp, dry finish. Refreshing to the full.

Munich Lager $19.30 - Wunderbah! Light, smooth lager modelled on the full flavoured, malty lagers produced in this region of Germany.  Serve chilled to appreciate its rich character.

Irish Stout $22.40 - Very dark and smooth, this rich beer is created using generous quantities of roasted grain and hops for a beer of great character. Don't over-chill it.

Tyneside Brown $21.10 - A rich creamy chocolate brown ale. Very smooth and well rounded with a pleasant hop flavour and light bitterness. Often referred to as the "Dog". - I'm off to walk the dog... .


Mangrove Jacks 1.5kg  Australian Series

Classic Bitter $18.30 - A hoppy, distinctive lager style of beer that's light in colour and very refreshing. With a crisp, bitter taste, this one really satisfies a thirst.

Classic Blonde Dry $18.30 - 
Who can resist a great blonde! This dry-style lager is light coloured and crisp tasting. It's one the lads and the ladies will love.

Classic Gold Lager $18.30 - 
Your classic easy-drinking, golden lager with a balanced, smooth flavour, well balanced by mild bitterness. It's big on refreshment.


Brewcraft Recipe Packs

The Brewcraft company have put out some very interesting Kits, utilising their 
existing Mangrove Jack, Black Rock, and Muntons cans, along with the relevant 
Brew Enhancer, plus the correct yeast, to produce a selected range of kits which
very closely emulate some of the world's best renowned beers:-

Belgian Pilsner - $49.90- (Stella Artois style ) Belgium's best known golden beer is the flagship European Pilsner

Dublin Dry Stout -$49.90- ( Guiness style) "There's nothing like a Guinness" except this !!!!                  

Dutch Lager -$33.60- (Heinekin style ) This dutch giant is refreshing, hoppy and very easy to drink

Irish Cider -$48.90- With an added Apple Schnapps flavouring for that extra zing !!

Irish Creamy Red Ale $46.50- ( Kilkenny style ) The creamy, rich red ale of Ireland

Mexican Lager -$38.50- ( Corona style ) This light bodied beer has a fresh, clean flavour and is hugely popular in Mexico. Often enjoyed with a wedge of lemon or lime inserted into the neck of the bottle. The perfect complement to casual foods such as nachos or fajitas.

NZ Style Lager -$39.50- ( Steinlager style ) New Zealands most popular lager



Sugars & Brew Enhancers

Dextrose 1kg 
Gives the beer a cleaner dry taste.

Gemdex Booster #10 1 kg 
For better head retention, smoother texture and better body in all beers.

Special blend of Dextrose/Maltodextrin


Brew Enhancer 1kg
Special Blend of Dextrose/Sugars/Malts to give your beer a pure taste and creamy

mouth feel


Lager Enhancer Brew Blend No.15 
Special Blend of Malt Extract Corn Syrup and Dextrose. Adds flavour, improves

the mouthfeel of your beer and also gives it a better head


Brewblend No.20 
A lightly malted blend of brewing sugars which adds flavour to any beer kit. It creates a

rich and satisfying flavour with a delightfully creamy finish on your palate, whilst also improving the head


Australian Lager No.40 
Special Mix of Dextrose/Malt/Corn Syrup & Hops

Vastly improves the flavour and mouthfeel giving you that true ‘Ocker’ lager


 Australian Bitter No.42 
Special Mix of Dextrose/Malt/Corn Syrup & Hops
Try with either a pilsner or a draught beer kit


Australian Special Bitter No.44 

Special Blend of Dextrose/Malt/Corn Syrup & Hops
Turn your Bitter into a really special Bitter by using this converter. Also try with any Pilsner or Draught beer kit for an improved head and a smooth texture


NZ Draught 
Special Blend of Dextrose/Malt/Corn Syrup & Hops
Great with the draught and ale beer kits. Try with the Black Rock NZ Draught beer kit


New Zealand Lager No.50 
Special Blend of Dextrose/Malt/ Corn Syrup & Hops
Try with any lager or pilsner beer kit to give excellent levels of bitterness, flavour and aroma from the use of genuine New Zealand hops


German Lager No.60 

Special Blend of Dextrose/Malt/ Corn Syrup & Hops.
Try with any Lager or Munich Lager kit to produce a rich malty beer with magnificent aromas from real German hops


Czech Pilsner No.62 
Special Blend of Dextrose/Malt/ Corn Syrup & Hops..
Try with our Mangrove Jack Czech Pilsner beer kit, for the classic Bavarian malty pilsner of unmistakable aroma.


 English Bitter No.70 
Special Blend of Dextrose/Malt/ Corn Syrup & Hops
Try with either a draught bitter or ale beer kit, for the deep copper/amber colour of many famous English Bitters


Brown Ale No.72 

Special Blend of Dextrose/Malt/ Corn Syrup & Hops
Try with a draught or bitter beer kit to enhancer the flavours and body


Irish Stout No.74 
Special Blend of Dextrose/Malts/Lactose & Hops.
Use with any of the stout beer kits to turn your regular kit into a rich creamy stout. Also try adding 1kg Extra Dark Malt and 500g of corn syrup with this converter and your Stout beer kit - an absolute must for the stout lover


Bavarian Wheat 
Special Blend of Dextrose/Malt/ Corn Syrup & Hops
Changes a regular wheat beer kit into a European style wheat beer, producing that typical wheat malt flavour and essential hop aroma Try with our Mangrove Jack Bavarian Wheat beer kit

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Beer Supplies


Heater Pad $59.90
Beer & Wine Hydrometer $15.00
Bubbler Airlock $4.50
100 Crown Seals suit pry top or twist top - $6.00
Duplast Barrel O-Ring $10.60
Easy Bottling Valve with Adapter $6.95
30 litre Fermenter $45.00
60 Litre Fermenting Barrel $79.90
Steriliser Cleaner $8.90
Glass Trial Jar $14.90
Bottle Brush $6.50
Lid for Fermenter $11.50
Plastic Stirrer - 41 cm $9.95
Sodium Metabisulphite $6.95
1 litre Measuring Jug $8.80
Twin Lever Bottle Capper $33.60
Yard Glass $55.00
25 kg Dextrose $65.00
Beer & Wine Sweetener
Calcium Sulphate
1 kg Dextrose $4.00
Irish Moss $4.30 
Liquorice Sticks $4.50
Muntons Premium Gold Yeast $4.40
Black Rock Yeast $2.00
Gervin Ale Yeast $4.10
Saflager Yeast $7.40
Safale Yeast $5.90
Whole Hops - 450 gm $27.90
Hop Pellets - 100 gm from $8.80
Finishing Hops from $6.50 
Brown Malt - $6.50 kg 
Black Patent / Porter Malt - $6.50 kg 
Chocolate Malt - $6.50 kg 
Crystal Malt - $6.50 kg 
English Pale Ale Malt - $5.00 kg 
Lager/Pilsener Malt - $4.50 kg 
Roasted Barley - $6.50 kg 
Munich Malt -$4.75 kg
Carapils Malt - $6.50 kg
Wheat malt - $6.50 kg
Spray Malt $10.50
Black Rock Light & Dark Malt Extract $14.90
Black Rock Amber Malt Extract $15.50
Beer Enhancers $8.50


    Yes, we know these shapely vessels are frequently associated with rugby-playing nice-but-dims who love to bray on about the time they pulled their pants down in the uni bar, but don't let the behaviour of a few gammon-armed twits put you off, because the Yard of Ale Glass remains popular for a very good reason. Put simply, this glorious glass of doom/triumph is hilariously entertaining in any party scenario, as attempting to down its contents is utterly irresistible!

   What's more, the unique shape of the Yard of Ale Glass actually dates back to the days of horses and highwaymen; the long necked glass could be handed up to carriage drivers whilst they sat atop their horse-drawn vehicles - no dismount required! And whilst we're busy attempting to intellectualise this paragon of partying, it's worth remembering that a young Bob Hawke got into the Guinness Book of Records for draining a yard glass in 12 seconds. And he went on to become the Prime Minister of Australia.


This beautifully-crafted specimen is not one of your cheapo, party shop jobs. On the contrary, our Yard of Ale Glass is a handcrafted piece of high-quality glassware that you'll want to crack out at every single soiree (except perhaps your Great Auntie Mabel's wake). Indeed, it's so pleasing to the eye you might want to keep it on display permanently.

   Best of all, unlike inferior imitations, this particular Yard of Ale Glass holds approximately three pints and is one yard in length. Which obviously sounds about right, until we tell you that many so-called yard of ale glasses are actually much shorter and narrower, and therefore less capacious. Something you might like to point out to Tarquin de Shandyponce next time he's bragging about his glugging capabilities.

    We've yet to better Mr Hawke's impressive time, although we hear the knack is to begin twisting the glass once you get down to the bulb-section. Technique aside, the Yard of Ale Glass is an essential piece of kit for any lager lover, ale aficionado or Fanta fan (well, you never know!) who enjoys ye olde traditional drinking games. And seeing as you're still reading this, that means you. 



Boxed, complete with wall hanger


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